Slob Donovan is a heavy three piece from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We formed at some point in the Spring/Summer of 2009. Jay and Dave met through internets and Jay knew Steve from a previous failed attempt band. Together they jammed and played forever, until Steve had to go to Spain for six months. Dave's friend of 3,000 moons Zander filled in during Steve's absence. Since then, Steve got back, and we recently did a tour.

We won't lie, it seems that sometimes people struggle to define us easily. Some descriptions of us have been way better or way worse than other ones. To make this simple, we came up with some different explanations that are at the very least acceptable enough. For a simple, wrong explanation of us, use the following: sludge or doom. For a very longwinded, correct explanation of us that no one will care about or believe, use the following: The heaviness and ugliness of doom and sludge, the skronk and dissonance of noisy, experimental, and avant garde bands, the beauty and epicness of new age artists and singer-songwriters, the emotion and sincerity of old school screamo, with a small touch of hardcore punk aesthetic. For a simple, band comparison type explanation of us: we're Harvey Milk. However, that's just kind of the stuff we're doing at the moment and does not necessarily reflect what we will be doing in 10 years assuming we are still a band then. However, we can guarantee that we refuse to be bland or straightforward, unless the point of the song(s) are to be bland or straightforward.

Hopefully that will answer any questions you never had. Don't get us started on the band name... too lazy for that right now.

Jay. Steve. Party Dave.