Upcoming Shows:

Past Shows:

  1. 4/22/11: Doghouse Milwaukee w/ Lungs, The Parish, and Drumlins
  2. 4/16/11: The Borg Ward w/ PinkBrown, Shamanic Vacation, and Soup Moat
  3. 3/4/11: The Borg Ward w/ Aseethe, Mantaur, and Gâte
  4. 2/25/11: The Borg Ward w/ The Terminal Orchestra, Concentric, The Spur And The Long Lost, and MZRX

  5. 2010:
  6. 12/31/10: The Funeral Home (Buffalo, NY) w/ Chillum, Dirt Eyes, and Pacing
  7. 12/30/10: Bela Dubby (Lakewood, OH) w/ Tusco Terror, Black Mayonnaise, and Iron Oxide
  8. 12/28/10: The Gates Of Hell (Dayton, OH) w/ Fixed Orbit, Friends With Corpses, Footbinder, Tomb Dweller, and Cannabanoid
  9. 12/26/10: Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (St. Louis, MO) w/ Segmentation Fault
  10. 12/19/10: Mad Planet w/ Northless and Lines And Terminals
  11. 12/4/10: The Borg Ward w/ Protestant, Northless, Lines And Terminals, and Impatience
  12. 11/16/10: The Borg Ward w/ Mortals, Wizardry, and Sacrificial Massacre
  13. 10/15/10: The Sugar Maple w/ Nicoffeine, Absolutely, Coelacanth
  14. 10/3/10: The Borg Ward w/ Thrones, Christian Mistress
  15. 8/17/10: The Borg Ward w/ Pusdrainer, CLVIII, Self Party, and MZRX
  16. 7/27/10: The Borg Ward w/ The Body, Custodian, and Sacrificial Massacre
  17. 7/23/10: The Borg Ward w/ мища and Drumlins
  18. 5/7/10: The Borg Ward w/ Realicide, All To Hell, Evolve, Dead Issue, and xALLxFORxTHISx
  19. 4/21/10: The Borg Ward w/ The Body, Dead Times, Climax Denial Owlscry
  20. 2/13/10: The Borg Ward w/ Former Thieves, Dire Wolf, Burdens, Maidens, and Curb
  21. 1/25/10: The Borg Ward w/ Bolth, Hey Rog!, and Boss Rude
  22. 1/23/10: The Miramar Theater w/ Curb, The Worms, Burning Sons, Owlscry, Enabler, Half Gorilla, Maidens, Hike Honson, Doomhammer, All To Hell, and some god awful scenester rap group.
  23. 1/11/10: The Borg Ward w/ Killer BOB, The Peter J. Woods Free Jazz Ensemble, and The Spur and The Long Lost

  24. 2009:
  25. 12/19/09: The Borg Ward w/ Owlscry, Reptile Worship, Entrails Of A Virgin, Lechuguillas, and Inyan Kara
  26. 12/5/09: The Borg Ward w/ Gâte, The Parish, Northless, and Coelacanth
  27. 11/13/09: The Borg Ward w/ 97-Shiki, King's Horses, and White Problems
  28. 10/23/09: The Borg Ward w/ Beast In The Field, Cowards, New Labor, Manic Zamboni, Dear Astronaut, Mildew, Inyan Kara, and Sonic J
  29. 9/21/09: The Eagle's Nest w/ Alehammer, Remission, and People Again
  30. 9/6/09: The Borg Ward w/ Mondo Drag, Dear Astronaut, The Butts, and Cartilage Party

I think I covered all the bases.